How Hela BROKE Mjolnir in THOR: RAGNAROK!

So the brand new trailer for Thor Ragnorak just released online today and it is pretty dope. Now all the stuff in it is fairly self explanatory just one thing isn’t, how …
2017-04-11 00:01:25

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  1. or she has the soul gem before she first fights Thor

  2. I think Loki has played Thor again. Hammer is probably off flying somewhere and the illusion Hela busting it up is why Thor goes off to play gladiator.. Just saying. Maybe Odin hands it back to him asking if he lost something?

  3. hela is the godess of death so she is very powerful

  4. how the "hell" did she do that?

  5. simple director of the movie ask cgi team to do soo….

  6. Pretty sure this is Death, Hela is the one with the antlers I think

  7. gaming with infernape

    Plot twist!hela sneaked into asgard grabbed  the tesseract I believe and went away and wanted a grand opening to asgard so came back and bragged about how she killed odin then thor gets angry n throws his hammer then she broke the hammer as planned xD

  8. gaming with infernape

    wait a minute random thought but when thor gets captured by those masked peeps what if they take him to the crafter of mjolnir  this was done in avengers assemble accept for it was iron man so I think that is a thing that may come

  9. I like thorns hammer it's a shame it gets broken and he gets a new hammer but to me it's not the same.

  10. When Vision took the hammer, he had the mind stone on the head. Maybe Hela had the last infinity stone ( soul gem ) with her, so she could destroy the hammer.

  11. How about she has the soul stone and when she touches the hammer it deems her worthy due to her manipulating the stone. And then she uses the power of the hammer against itself to destroy it.

  12. how she did it.? computer graphic effects.

  13. I think doctor strange is going to be there

  14. hela is so sexy. her face just says shes a freak

  15. She has the soul stone!! Its gotta be!!!!

  16. The next generation of Thor. It's what I would take from the new Thor ragnarok movie trailer.

  17. I think she was on periods

  18. Tesseract = Space Gem
    Hela = Soul Gem
    Aether = Reality Gem
    Necklace = Time Gem
    Orb = Power Gem
    Scepter = Mind Gem

  19. a new dildo for her every day

  20. I loved the trailer as for those hammer I hope somehow MCU is like "oh yea about that just make Odin give him a new hammer that's exactly like ultimate thor hammer"

  21. I liked the second trailer. the first made the new thor look too comedic. and if this is supposed to somehow connect to the next Avengers movie then comic Thor isn't the way

  22. Hela broke Thor's hammer cuz she has eyeliner

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