How Does Thor Summon Lightning? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Thor is the Asgardian god of thunder, but, besides just calling it magic, how does he exactly summon lightning? Kyle takes a crack at explaining how on this …
2016-12-29 18:00:06

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  1. Could you move Thor's hammer in space? A new Instagram-exclusive video just for you, my lovely viewers: — KH

  2. Your explanation is flawed.. Gravitons don't increase the mass, just the weight. Weight=Mass x Gravitational acceleration(g)
    Graviton would increase the gravitational acceleration. This means the hammer would just be more attracted to the planet it is on, not increase its momentum because momentum is
    Mass x Velocity not weight times velocity. Conservation of momentum doesn't help you fly if the momentum doesn't change. All the hammer does is fall faster then.

  3. i do think you look a little bit as Chris Hemsworth with the long hair, not mutch but just enough to let me think you where him in the recommend video's list on the side of each vid

  4. Could Magneto lift Thor's hammer?

  5. So Thor is now doing a science series about his hammer after leaving the avengers?

  6. "Yes, Niel deGrass Tyson, you're wrong about how heavy this is."

  7. Hey Kyle, Really dig the videos.

    off topic real quick, how would one harness lightning to produce electricity for homes?

  8. thank you science thor

  9. Regarding Thor's Hammer…

    Thor's hammer doesn't seem to be too heavy to lift. It seems to just be unmovable, no matter its mass, which stays the same. In the movie where The Hulk tries to pick it up, he makes a dent in the floor trying to lift it, while the hammer itself doesn't. It just stays stationary. This seems like the hammer would just end up floating in the same spot if the Hulk ended up crushing the floor beneath it completely. Though.. wasn't that hammer on an aircraft? Meaning it's absolutely moving but relatively stationary? That's an interesting feature. Would that mean that if Thor 'puts' the hammer 'down' while slightly chucking it in some direction, that it would just say 'put down' while slowly floating in the slightly-chucked direction while completely crushing/obliterating anything in its way? Crap, but then how do you explain it when the aircraft makes changes its speed and direction of motion, with the hammer faithfully following it relative to the location of that particular surface it was put on? How to explain that? (btw, if it were 'too heavy to lift', that aircraft would have crashed, so it can't be an issue of its total mass)

    I think the explanation would have to be as so:

    The hammer is unmovable relative to the 'floor'/surface/object that Thor puts it on, while the 'floor' itself has complete control of the hammer.

    So, how can The Hulk pick up Thor's hammer? By picking up the flying aircraft carrier! Anyone would then be able to pick up Thor's hammer by digging around the part of the floor it's 'stuck' on and then simply lifting/moving that chunk of floor that the hammer is 'attached' to.

    Though the aircraft throwing method might work in comics, I don't think that the floor digging method would. How to explain that? Aliens? Magic? According to the Thorsenberg unmovable principle, a Mjolnir will only be movable if the surface it was put on moves, but only if no sentient being or mover-effect-causer had any intention of moving Mjolnir itself, but rather moves the surface while unaware of the fact that it's violating Mjolnir's unmovableness. So, if you intend to move Mjolnir, you cant (unless you don't intend to move it?). But if you move whatever Mjolnir is attached to without being aware of or having an intent of affecting Mjolnir, then it will move. After all, isn't Earth also in motion when Mjolnir is placed upon it, moving Mjolnir right along with it, without being crushed by its unmovableness/changing mass?

    ugh.. wtf? Because comics? ! ?

  10. Y r u talking about your self? Thor?

  11. Good catch, lol

  12. He's secretly Thor.

  13. lightning hits the statue of liberty in the same place (her cornetto of flamez) a few times every month so i think this might disprove yo theory sorry xxxxxxx

  14. Wrong title it should be

    How Do I Summon Lightning?

  15. how Thor's hammer gets back to his hand???

  16. Wait a sec if he's the god of thunder then why can he summon lightning

  17. 3:18 after the new trailer probably in a small little doggybag

  18. Can you explain pls how hela destroys thors hammer in ragnarok?

  19. How does Hydrokinesis work? What other abilities would it grant?

  20. why do you keep talking in 3rd person Thor?

  21. gravity hammer needs to be a new superpower for thor. GET THE AWARNESS OUT

  22. Oh shit he just called out the Tyson

  23. Speaking of Thor, I've been meaning to ask: How does the Bifrost Bridge work? And is something like the Bifrost possible to make?

  24. i came here to 1st see the comments of him looking like thor….

  25. if the hammer emits gravitons why doesn't the helicarrier fall when hulk tries to lift it

  26. Kyle, 1000% serious…..audition for the Son of Thor!

  27. Lighter = positive
    Heavier = negative
    Science = asshole

  28. Kyle I'm serious…You should totally try out for Thor's roleplay audition for his next movie.

  29. well you see Thor don't just summon lightning he actually summon the whole storm so explain

  30. "Thor isn't just my buffer twin brother…"

  31. was it not from an unstable storm in asgard? It was when the dwarves gave some sort of metal to odin and when odin came back to asgard there was an unstable storm so he infused the storm inside the metal

  32. how can blue beetle make so many weapons with the Scarab

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