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2013-10-29 17:05:21

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  1. I fell in love with Tom Hiddleston when I first saw this movie

  2. I need a horse!!!

  3. Mjölnir has two vowels, see?

  4. 3:11 Veto. Sherlock died at the end of season 2 and came back BEFORE the credits

  5. Do the incredibles, it's like a good fantastic four.

  6. he put some respect OK Lord Zedd name

  7. Assguard…. lol

  8. Every time I watch a Marvel movie with Thor in it, I think to myself, "Gee, I wish Riordan's works had a good adaptation. That would satisfy my needs for pagan deities being idiots in the U.S….Until then…only this…"

  9. Do Star Trek TNG

  10. Loki has now lost his record to Superman

  11. That Power Rangers reference lolololololol

  12. Mjölner, motherfuckers.

  13. make a doctor strange honest trailer when it comes out!!!

  14. "The God Father" is such a good joke for Odin omg

  15. Is there an honest trailer for the incredible hulk?

  16. CGI pipe organ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I died

  17. make Dr strange honest trailer

  18. 3:10 Superman was alive before the credits in BvS.

  19. Dat Mario Kart music tho xD

  20. Please do Hannibal!

  21. bvs has the new record

  22. Thor isn't a demigod. He's an actual god.
    And Loki isn't Thor's brother, he's Odin blood brother, and his hair should be red. Oh and he should be a fire giant.

  23. Lokimon lol

  24. do Dr strange

  25. Dr.Strange

  26. Do Ghostrider

  27. dr strange please

  28. This movie is awesome it's not ok it's above ok

  29. Do Nerve. I will subscribe forever.

  30. You gotta be impressed that this wasn't a campy movie, cuz it could have easily been

  31. Why do all the Scandinavian gods speak with British accents? Shouldn't they instead sound like the Swedish chef from the Muppet show?

  32. In actual Norse mythology the rainbow bridge is real take that mario!

  33. Fernando Soares de Paiva


  34. Do Punisher War Zone!

  35. Only problem with Thor is they didn't give him the secret identity of Don Blake (yeah, I know about the scrubs had that name on them, but it didn't really count). Oh, and they didn't follow real Norse mythology.

    I just watched the original Marvel Thor movie, Return of the Hulk; that would have made an interesting series, except for the fact that Blake should have turned into Thor.

  36. This guy says the gods live inside a CGI pipe organ, huh? Well, when I was playing LEGO Marvel Avengers, I said the palace looked like organ pipes. And that was before I saw this trailer.

  37. I know the Thor movies aren't accurate to the myths, but if Loki is piloting a boat made out of the toenails and fingernails of the dead in Ragnorok, I will watch it, regardless of how bad it is.

  38. please this is too funny

  39. Ok, that Rainbow Road Mario Cart level was AWESOME.

  40. An actual Norse mythology Thor actually has red hair and a shaggy beard.

  41. "Everyone gets a pointy hat" lol

  42. Do Pokemon the Movie, any of them they are trash

  43. They should just cut Jane out and make Sif the canon hook-up, it keeps continuity strong with the TV series and melds better with the overall plot.

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