Honest Trailers – Thor: The Dark World

Become a Screen Junkie! ▻ Get ready to revisit Thor: The Dark World! Prepare for another perfectly passable Thor movie while we all wait …
2014-02-04 19:44:58

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  1. I know stuff.

  2. Who else loved the portal reference?

  3. Say "You guys these things you're telling me to say are getting way out a hand…"

  4. Called Heimdall an Oscar. I'm done. 😂

  5. "Still hung up" because he loves her. Weekend or not.


  7. Honestly I think the classic disney videos are funnier.

  8. I lost it at "Starring an oscar". lol

  9. BTW, Natalie Portwoman's "other wacky sidekick" has one helluva glorious rack. Seriously, look it up.

  10. Game's brother, Natalie port woman, hahahaa

  11. Here's to hoping that in the Thor: Ragnarok Honest Trailer, Screen Junkies will be genuinely surprised with how good it (hopefully) is the same way they struggled to come up with legit criticism for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

  12. honest trailer Howard the Duck😂

  13. me likey loki

  14. Loki is overpraised

  15. That portal reference made me nut

  16. What about Airwolf?
    Can You Do An Honest Retailer on Airwolf?

  17. you actually forgot to mention that they copied the "spaceship full of supposedly no longer existing bad guys crashes right into the main building, slides through a gigantic hall and knocks down pillars" scene from the first trailer to Star Wars: the old Republic? (seriously. it's the same)

  18. TEEN WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. say " my voice is just CGI"

  20. im not the only one thinks that the rock monster thor killed at the start was korg was i

  21. Funny, but you were far too kind to the movie. It sucked.

  22. This movie sucked. I was incredibly disappointed by how weak Asgard was militarily. The plot was fuckin weak. The villain was a joke. I liked Hulk 2003 better then this.

  23. Ken Jennings?

  24. I wish they'd kill Jane off, she's such a boring character she drags down every Thor movie she's in. Same for her sidekicks.

  25. 1:05 Oh sh*t

  26. The bad guy was so forgettable he didn't even get a spot in starring.
    Poor Christopher Eccleston.

  27. Me likey loki

  28. 'Now your thinking with portals' OMG that was too great.

  29. I'm sure New York thank you woman who slapped Loki…. That meant sense

  30. Worst mcu film ever.

  31. Why is everyone hating this film? I mean it is not as bad as SUICIDE SQUAD and BATMAN V SUPERMAN right……

  32. I noticed they changed fandral, his hair wasn't as blond as the previous guy.

  33. aaaaaaaabbbbbbssss..

  34. 'Gale's brother' lmao 😂😂😂

  35. I'm sorry but the Thor movies are the most boring of the MCU, with Cap's movie being the most exciting.

  36. Doctor Strange!

  37. Honest Trailers – Rogue One

  38. And soon Experience the third film that will tie fans over until the Avengers 3.

  39. Gale's Brother!! 😂😂😂
    I got that reference. #TeamCap

  40. lmao.. Gale's brother

  41. I know I keep saying it but supernaaaaatural

  42. loved that ending. "NOW YOU'RE THINKING WITH PORTALS"

  43. I would much rather have Thor go on a swashbuckling extra-dimensional adventure than have a movie desperately try to sell another wort-thing-ever apocalypse with forgettable villains.

  44. He said magic koolaid

  45. Does anyone notice how they totally copied the scene from one of the cinematic trailers for SWTOR in this movie?

  46. who ripped the temple attack scene from whom star wars old republic or Thor

  47. Mugatu? Now you're thinking with Portals?? I'm DYIN' ovah heah!!

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