Honest Reactions: Thor Writer Watches Thor Honest Trailer

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2015-05-14 17:04:37

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  1. … I got atrocious vibes here….


  3. I really like honest trailer series ! The fact that you guys breakdown even smallest part i didn't even notice, it show how much dedication to make an honest trailer from scratch one.

  4. have the fine Bros sued you yet?

  5. i would love to see zack write an action pack ,thrilling ,R rated plot for Dora the explorer

  6. Ghost rider

  7. Please invite more of the writers to watch thor 2, Anvenger 1 and 2 honest trailers!

  8. Am I the only one who finds interesting that they have never done this with Liam Neeson?

  9. unamed = cinemasins

  10. fuck this hollywood tool

  11. Don't lose your time. Go straight to 4:20.
    You're welcome.

  12. I've been looking for the Power Ranger trailer, and one trailer led to another and somehow I end up here, after watching 36 more of your honest trailers. Man, you guys are funny! 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  13. Stop interrupting the Honest trailers discuss afterwards.

  14. Will this writer come back for "Thor: Ragnarok"? 😀 I hope he does. Also, I want to rewatch "Thor" because the first one will always be the best one in my eyes.

  15. Alex BAZ ▌ CoffeeTimeRO

    they have the same fucking voice

  16. He has pit stains

  17. This was so much fun. I love that the writers took it as fun and had a luagh at things. Great work on both sides. I would sub to an entire channel based on this premise. Actors, directors,writers having a laugh at their own work.

  18. Benedict m'love 💞

  19. They actually start at 4:19

  20. 4:34 to 4:37, spencer gilbert lost it.

  21. the crew looks scared out of their mind when zack was watching the beginning of the trailer

  22. Don't get me wrong, I love the Thor movie, especially Loki, but there is this one scene that really botheres me. That last scene with Thor and Odin where Thor says: "There will never be a wiser king than you." Okay, I guess you can see it that way, but then he says: "Or a better father." DUDE! Your brother just comitted suicide because of this guy!!!! How does that make him a good father?!

  23. Black widows sextape

  24. talk much?

  25. He should write a Namor the Submariner screenplay.

  26. Can he write the flash movie?!?!?

  27. Let's get Zack Snyder up in this and David Ayer, shit would be classic and maybe we could get some better DC films

  28. I have to say I enjoyed this reaction video. Way better than your John Wick reaction video. Is it way too much time talking to those guys before you even got to the trailer. But the trailer Cindy B. just there to be there. And this one the guy watches is the work trailer and he really seemed interested in is actually making comments about it. This was probably one of the best ones I've seen so far

  29. wow he's writing power rangers Thor was my favorite phase one movie I'm no longer worried

  30. I totally loved Thor! Still think it's one of the only GOOD Marvel movies

  31. What an awesome job have. Commentary with the writers of the greatest universe, THE MARVEL UNIVERSE! 😀 <3

  32. They cut out some stuff from the honest trailer video

  33. 3:313:33 We all know that he was probably referring to Cinemasins

  34. please do more of theseeeee!


  36. I would have liked him to write a Doctor Strange movie!

  37. ATTENTION SCREEN JUNKIES!!!! U gotta do more stuff like this! have actors watch the honest trailer for their movies. IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!

  38. Don't know if DC will hire him, but… how about "Every DC movie ever?"

  39. If like the dark world more, but Ragnarok will be AWESOME! First class was one of the best X men movies.

  40. "so, zack, what kind of presure was there to be a part fo the marvel cinematic univers and get that right"
    hmm.. i didn t came for that so …. SKIP ! => 4:19

  41. 8:00 his back is really sweaty

  42. Well.. That was awkward.

  43. wow the better thor movie and better X-Men movie, good job dude

  44. I wonder if the people he was lumping them in with was the Cinema sins guys.

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