Hickman’s Ultimate Thor – 001 – Ragnarok

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2016-09-14 11:49:03

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  1. so how do apocalypse fit into the ultimate universe being that he's supposed to be the first mutant

  2. I miss the ultimate universe

  3. where's part two?

  4. Please finish this series when you get the chance, now that Ultimate Thor's hammer is important to the Unworthy Thor story.

  5. Norweigan myths? Excuse me? what about the rest of scandinavia that also held viking beliefs are were called vikings? >:C (note I'm not angry, just wanted to point it out c: ) Have a great day robcore!


  7. Was this series never finished?

  8. Finish this series bruh!!!!

  9. I like Jarjnborn > Mljonir

  10. where is volume 2?!!!

  11. Is there a part 2 yet?

  12. Have you already done part 2 Rob ? Also … The history of The Marvel Universe and The History of the DC universe ? Did you ever finish those ? While I liked both The History of the Marvel Universe was AMAZING ! I really dig ur videos BTW !

  13. Dude!!! I'll love some more Ultimate Marvel stories/review Please!!!!

  14. What happened to the next video?

  15. I will watch anything you post. You make for an excellent "Radio Show" sort of deal for me.

  16. where is the next one? published Sept…

  17. keep this going @comicsexplained

  18. you never finished this story?????

  19. hey bro it looks like one of the page ( pic of a page ) says that it was created right there at the 6:18 mark

  20. WERE IS 002.003.004 CAN U PLEASE SEND IT TO ME

  21. so what i wanna do here… is.. aaaa…

  22. Why did you stopped this series? ? 🙁


  24. so just so people know marvel didn't create thor he is a norse god that marvel stole

  25. I loved this mini series when it came out.

  26. Are we going to get a 002 video?

  27. Please continue the Ultimate Thor storyline.

  28. Rob are you ever going to pick this back up?

  29. Where's part 2?

  30. loved this video. I'd love to see vids from you about the ultimate universe

  31. It's interesting that you think it's weird for Hickman to include Nazis in the story when that's the whole point. it's all about story and myth and remaking myths thru time. Thor and the Vikings have been used to support fascism and socialism in different times. There's also the shift in religions, adapting, syncretism, that happen all the time. Thor being a joining of Jesus, Thor and in real life Baldur.

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