Everything Wrong With Thor: The Dark World

Most people thought Thor 2 was better than the first one. The sin count will not please these people. Thankfully, the sin counts have nothing to do with a movie’s …
2014-04-03 14:27:27

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  1. missed Stan Lee cameo in the teaching scene where the audience were old mad men

  2. Sin #97 You do realize the Earth isn't a fixed point in space, right? Hell, if anything, the portal should've transported them somewhere just outside of Earth's atmosphere because it's still rotating around the Sun.

  3. How boring was this dumb movie, I got bored in this video…..

  4. Thanos would have had three infinty stones and the gauntlet if he had just invaded Asguard from the beginning. Asguard had two infinity stones and the gauntlet and he already had one that he gave to Loki in the Avengers. A sin for each time Jane slaps Thor and Loki. She hit them hard enough to turn their heads. They are not human, Thor is a demigod and Loki is a frost giant from Asguard.

  5. I see you managed to get your shirt off…

  6. its certain there will be an avengers3 cause of the infinity stone from the red dude's forehead….. i think… whatever this was the best movie marvel created

  7. Benicio Del Toro in Snatch: "Verrrr eees tha stooonneeee??????"

  8. This movie is disrespectfully underrated

  9. Who the fuck writes these horrible scripts? I can't agree more. Movie sins left out the last credit scene. The one where the monster from the ice world runs free I mean common. Atleast let thor or the governmant kill it. Where did that beast go? You mean to tell me they just let this monster run wild on earth??? Man thor 2 was crap. Marvel has not been good with villains and his elven bullshit was totally unworthy for a thor villain.

  10. "now this is a love triangle i'd like to be the hypotenuse in" lmbo

  11. has any one noticed that dude at the end was in guardians of the galaxy

  12. Some good goat killing/eating would make this movie the best

  13. Biggest problem is that Thor is way under powered in this movie… and any movie version of Thor. He is a damn beast. Also, Odin saying they arent gods. Thor is the god of thunder. Odin is god of asgard. They are gods. They way depowered Odin as well. And malakeith is more like the joker than this stiff character. Oh well. Ragnorak should be awesome.. i am hoping..

  14. Emerson Edwin Palomar

    that bomb that sucks anything in its path is a more powerful weapon than the aether. i mean it can suck anything man. mass produce that shit.

  15. Am I the only one here who actually liked this movie?

  16. This is the most fanficcy movie I have ever seen. Thor and Loki get along for an entire movie (mostly) and go off and have an adventure. It's like every Thorki fangirl's dream, only without the kissing and sex. And without slandering Jane and Sif, as slash shippers are prone to doing to female love interests.

  17. The scenes with the birds coming in and out of portals and the people throwing things in and watching to see where it comes out seems straight from The Animatrix: Beyond

  18. How did they know the Aether was in Natalie Portman's body?

  19. 11:09 … why say from "2012"? u should've just said "from every Roland Emmerich movie" lol

  20. wait this whole environmental destruction wasn't even referenced in civil war 😐

  21. 1:29 Animatrix ripoff

  22. Why no Portal references in your end gag?

  23. I can't tell which is worse Xmen origins or this?

  24. thor guy is a shit actor.

  25. CinemaSins gets a sin for pronouncing Padme as padma

  26. 1:03, A accurate description of my dream woman

  27. yeah, the scene that causes deja vu of Anakin and Padme made me throw up in my mouth a little. Thor's mother dies needlessly.

  28. this before marvel would allow magic in its movie

  29. AND… Dark elves were actually handsome dwarves, who made Thor's hammer who were on the side of the gods. The real enemy of Norse mythology was Loki's son Fenris wolf who was in fact a real wolf. (I have no idea how Loki fathered a wolf but that's a tiny bit of how much they got wrong)

  30. Odin was actually Thor's brother, Loki was a giant, Bifrost (the rainbow bridge) looks different and I'm so mad about how much this movie is bullshit that everything that has to do with Hollywood Thor is fucking stupid!!!!!

  31. 7:01 "Fu*k me… We interrupt this superhero movie to bring you Tangled." I cant stop laughing XD

  32. One sin for tormenting me by showing full scenes of this garbage, but, I'll take one away for this video being miles better than the actual movie.

  33. 7:10 Is that Stan Lee?

  34. Just finished watching this movie for a second time and it was awesome so fuck whatever cinemasins have to say.

  35. great doctor who reference there jeremy because Christopher eccelston ( the ninth doctor ) plays the bad guy

  36. Can see the green-screen reflection in everybody's glasses.

  37. Lol, Moondew.

  38. Sif should be with Loki.

  39. Giving the avengers a call after you just heard Odin call Jane a goat and say she's not allowed on Asgard? It's like you're not even WATCHING the movies at all, mate… O_o

  40. in the end the should not have btought never ending story but troy when Achilles killed Hector 😀

  41. The sin of this movie is this movie itself. It is the very representation of everything wrong with modern blockbusters.

  42. Didnt know thor=dark souls beginning

  43. that sentence was literally the best one ever lmao

  44. Wow……6 We interrupt this film to bring you….. Good going

  45. 9:07 I think that was actually Tom Hiddleston/Loki imitating Chris Evans/Cap. He can do a pretty spot-on impression.

  46. 9:17 I thought the people in a love triangle were the vertices? And what ever implied that it was a right love triangle?

  47. Dark elves aren't evil or anything like this in actual Norse mythology… I am disappointed in you Thor 😔

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