Everything Wrong With Thor In 8 Minutes Or Less

Before you travel with Thor, Jane, & Loki to The Dark World–whatever that is–go back in time and take a look at all the sins from the first Thor movie. Coming …
2013-11-05 16:49:21

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  1. 54?
    That ain't bad.

  2. Anaheim the area was named after Anaheim the Norse realm

  3. he is a shapeshifter

  4. "Where's Heimdall?"
    "Oh, Loki had him moved to storage."

  5. 3:20 I remember the pet store guy saying they only sell dogs, cats and birds. What about the lizard in the background?

  6. To be fair, Loki was a frost giant, the son of Laufey, who was adopted by Odin in the original myths.

  7. If I remember well Odin's throne allows you to see everything through all 9 realms or at least Asgard and Midgard while sitting on it gee I read that like 10 years ago (Odin is also told to have 2 ravens who would tell him everything they saw and still Odin needed to exchange his eye with Mimir to drink from a well at Yggdrasil's roots for even more omniciency… Go figure)

  8. dang the movie was really great if it only had 54 sins

  9. I searched it up and HOW HAVE YOU NOT DONE LEGO MOVIE YET?!

  10. I was too lazy to watch the actual movie so I watched this instead to help me understand Magnus Chase a bit better (if you tell me spoilers you're dead) and yeah… no. I heard a some names I recognise but nothing else

  11. only 54 sin & some them are so meaningless like cgi Asgard

  12. This movie has so many god damn dutch angles.

  13. Goten The youngest SsgsS

    and yeah the next destroyer gets a battle shield and godzilla Lazer thing plus infinite strength.

  14. Goten The youngest SsgsS

    loki can shapeshift

  15. Sub me or the fish drowns. >:(

  16. How did I get here? I was watching assassins creed related stuff. Makes me excited for everything wrong with the AC movie

  17. Who else thinks that someone probably would have been "Worthy" of Mjolnir?

  18. Needs a sin for wasting Kat Dennings and not giving us what we all bought a ticket for.

  19. I realize this is old, but so much "bad" here. The battle with the Frost Giants did not take place on Midgard. The Iron Man suit is on par with Mjolnir? What are you smoking? Loki is a shapeshifter, and Odin is the King of the Asgardians, wields the Odinforce, and is near omnipotent – and you dont know why Loki doesnt look like a Frost Giant? He said Vanheim, not Anaheim.Thor can back to Asgard (or anywhere else) with his hammer, he doesnt need Bifrost. Loki is a master of magic, he doesnt need any staff or infinity gem to control minds……

  20. "Hey can you tell me what she's wearing?" that was hilarious 😂

  21. The 36th or 37th sin, the one about Loki's dress change, well at least twice in the movie, it shows him changing his clothes via magic, so why wouldn't it be presumable that that's what Loki did here?

  22. they only care about security onced its been breached! oh man im on the floor here!

  23. not mind control. suggestion.
    mind control
    and suggestion

  24. he is the guardian of earth yet he is ignorant

  25. This whole movie is a gigantic fail, Thor is not a superhero he is a god, and married to Sif, this whole movie, mocks my religious beliefs.

  26. Btw Cinema Sins Loki can look human because being a giant, illusions and magic are like a second nature to him
    (I'm obsessed with Norse mythology)

  27. Sin the PC cafe but not the wifi, how do they get wifi out there ? Is this a normal thing in a town with so few people ?..

  28. Who else thought Loki was creepy in the end credit scene.

  29. Always wanted a Pinzgauer…

  30. I have watched this movie and totally agree with you.

  31. I thought Loki was just a trickster but was really good. Why is this movie giving Loki a bad name?

  32. Who cares how Loki looks human when his human form looks like Tom Hiddleston?

  33. Maybe thor wasn't angry but he just has OCD and he had to wait to flip the table until he could do his compulsion

  34. well, yeah m8 but doesnt hawkeye always get introduced to do jack shit

  35. #41: the Throne of Odin (Hlidskjaf) actually allows its users to see through the Nine Realms. Of course Loki knows what's happening on Earth.

  36. How about the fact that Heimdal is fucking black…. I mean it's scandinavian mythology, and one of the gods are black!!? Have the screenwriters ever been to Scandinavia? I mean c'mon. That, and the fact that they basicly didn't give a shit about the actual original mythology. I mean frost giants?? Where the hell did that come from?

  37. He sounds unusually slow in this one. Maybe because it's older.

  38. Remember Lokis only power is illusions

  39. The trigram on Mjolnir disappear after Odin said those words right after Thor was banished to earth. Then the trigram reappeared when Thor tried to lift it, but disappeared again after he gave up. So, does that mean before that he was actually worthy but after he gave up his worthiness to wield Mjolnir disappears?

  40. Whines about lack of female mud wrestling but neglects the perfection that is Hemsworth's abs.

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