Epic Rap Battles of History “Zeus vs Thor” REACTION!!!!

In today’s Episode of Couples Reacts we react to Epic Rap Battles of History Season 4. and they went IN on each other!!! Original Video Link: …
2017-02-22 02:52:47

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  1. Thor stomped odin flat here. He just had the biggest baddest lines

  2. I know I'm late but where can I get your jumpers

  3. do Shaka Zulu

  4. thor wins for shore

  5. I died when Thor said GREECES G..D….P!!

  6. Omg when u realize that Legos go harder than people in these…

  7. Thor won with'i'll spit in your face but you probably like it"

  8. A man in a bright pink shirt talking about _savagery-….

  9. Damn Thor was a straight up savage. He slaughtered Zeus with the 1st bunch line and never stopped. Straight fire.

  10. do goku vs superman erb

  11. "I'd spit in your face but you'd probably like it!" Thor won.

  12. Thor won lol

  13. Thor took this one!
    He had this one at "Shape-shifting rapist.", and "Your crew is like the clash of the douches!" LMAO!!!

  14. Thor won. It's that Scandinavian greatness 😉

  15. Thor so won

  16. Who else notices jazz say yes every time they react to erb

  17. omg they played 😂😂😂 on point. Thor won it for me

  18. Zeus had facts and Thor had burns of the centuries

  19. "Make like your daddy and swallow my babies" is the best line in the whole series IMO!! Pure Gold!!

  20. Awsomedestroyer2016 lol

    Zeus Won

  21. I'm da first dislike >:D FEAR MEH

    nah jk I'm late ;-;

  22. can you guys react to rap lord plz plz plz

  23. I love y'all y

  24. ill spit in your face but you will probably like it. Man Thor is killing zeus

  25. Love you guys' reactions! You two are awesome!

  26. oh by the way I think Thor won

  27. can you react to Thomas Edison vs Nikola Tesla

  28. By far the hardest bars ever

  29. All you guys do is react

  30. bruh they were both spitting fire

  31. You know what is weird a few days before the original vid came out History Channel was playing a marathon talking about both of them.

  32. Most savage rap battle

  33. Do Al Capone vs Blackbeard

  34. Thor won with the line "I'd spit in your face but you'll probably like it"

  35. why thor won
    shapeshifting rapist
    id spit in ur face but you probably like it
    make like your daddy and swallow my babies

  36. You need to react to more stop motions, there are some truly great ones out there!

  37. thor recked Zeus

  38. since i read pearcy jackson i actually get it like the oracle or how Kronos eat his kids and the river styx

  39. Zeus got fucking destroyed

  40. Thor won. He had way better lines.

  41. you shouldve used Liam Neeson and Chris Hemsworth in the thumbnail

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