Chris Hemsworth Tells A Dirty ‘Thor’ Joke – The Graham Norton Show

Chris Hemsworth with his shirt off, and Stephen Mangan the donkey. What more could you want? Subscribe for weekly updates: …
2016-04-01 18:41:12

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  1. Can anyone explain the joke

  2. kristen is still beautiful

  3. Oh Jessica doesn't like the joke. Lol. I like Stephen. I need some more of him.

  4. Ruud Van Nistoroy! Lol


  6. i didn't get the joke

  7. I don't get the oke

  8. he's perfect lol

  9. Thor likes big butts cause he's from Assgard.

  10. lol he said ruud van nistelroy

  11. Well that was no where near as dirty as I was hoping Thor!

  12. haha the donkey from Shrek kinda a little lol

  13. can't believe they had a former real Madrid player as guest

  14. who's that blonde girl?

  15. We have had Doctor Who and the Sherlock cast.. can we have the Supernatural cast 😂😂

  16. Q: What did Jane Foster say to Thor?
    A: Another!

  17. Fire Breathing Bitch Queen

    whahahahha xD omg that joke is 😂😂 But damn…Chris looks fine

  18. I don't get the "the you're Thor? I can hardly walk." Joke. Can someone explain it?

  19. That girl looks like Mary jane from spiderman

  20. Dear God, if you end up looking like the Hemsworth brothers by living in Australia, I'm moving to Australia.

  21. That guy looks like the love child of Adam Sandler and Cillian Murphy

  22. I got to meet his trainer and stay with him and he was telling us all about the stories and stuff and some of the stories are so funny!!!

  23. Esteban Durán Delgado

    Any volunteers to transcrip the joke to a non-navite english speaker?

  24. Stop


  25. Those two nearly slide off the couch looking at Chris

  26. Kirsten Dunst eyes are slammed. Lol she's super baked

  27. 0:35 – r/GirlsMirin

  28. Leave them "thor" but not complaining!

  29. He does look like MIKA

  30. Look at those two women trying to body shame him ….

  31. Bjørn Otto Vasbotten

    you're Thor? i can't even pith

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