Chris Hemsworth “needed some ME time” hilarious THOR sketch. Team Thor

Watch the hilarious “Thor Ragnarok” clip that debuted during the Marvel panel this summer at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. It shows us what Thor (Chris …
2016-09-06 09:17:05

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  1. l love you Chris Hemsworth really really 💟💟

  2. Thor: "what are you doing later?"

    Darryl: "working."

    Thor: "what's HE doing later?"

    Darryl: "working"

    Earth humans have such a bleak existance….

  3. I love how tony favors banner lol. Usually its everyone favoring Stark over his knowledge and tech and wanting to contact him for business proposles and what not. And now it's him being ignored and not getting attention Lmao.

    Tony: "Bruce wanna make an AI together?"

    Bruce: "Ehhh Not today, I'm a bit busy maybe tommorrow"

    Tony: "Okay :("

  4. I love this so much!

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