Chris Hemsworth – Incredible Body Transformation | THOR

How to get muscles like Thor This is not hard if you Chris Hemsworth From Skinny to Super Muscular | THOR Music: Kevin MacLeod – Crossing the Chasm …
2017-03-12 12:23:50

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  1. 25 years to 26 years old, what a joke.
    Train, sleep and eat and you get bigger…..SURE

  2. sad to know hes using steroids every 3 months before thors mobie

  3. Thor is Zeus, Enlil, the fucking god that hates humanity..religion, comics and cinema changed that..wake up you dumbs..Hoolywood lies and confuse you..

  4. Looks nice :). Like me

  5. its just creatine, man

  6. 20 lbs in 6 months? Easy steroyd.

  7. steroids are your best friends 🙂

  8. Before I say anything else, I LOVE Thor and Chris Hemsworth.
    Now let's come back to reality. He is using steroids or similar supplements.

    20+ pounds of muscle in 6 months? That's an upper extreme limit for a NEW lifter. I'm talking about average Joe with layers of fat and he goes HARDCORE nutrition, workout, sleep, hydration, etc.

    For someone that does any amount of lifting already, gaining a SINGLE pound in six months is godly progress.

  9. 25 pounds of muscle in 6 months can't be done naturally he's on steroids.

  10. Dudes pretty tall. It'd normally be hard for someone his height to bulk up without roids. If he is on roids, his mass still looks clean and appropriate to his body.

  11. Dudes got really short arms

  12. gaining 25 pound of muscle is alot to gain naturally in six months even with Chris's obvious great genetics, you can see how vascular he became in some of those pics he obviously took something anabolic, you can eat as much chicken steak and other proteins as you want but your body will only absorb as much as it can at anyone time, I've done four steroid cycles in my 15 years of training and I'm 100% positive he's using because after the 1st Thor he lost the size very quickly even with dieting and not going to the gym muscle naturally has great memory but gains achieved through steroid use is virtually lost over weeks without gym or nutritional maintenance.

  13. every time they see someone who has a better physic than them they say it's steroids just to find an excuse to not work hard, and that's why they still look bad …

  14. All Asian girls must be drooling over him. They love white guys

  15. He already had the potential physique he just got bigger

  16. ROIDS 🙂

  17. He's natty, even before he starts lifting he had a good mass of muscle, he just has a great genetic.

  18. Eat clen
    Tren hard

  19. Víctor Manuel Hernández Rios


  20. some fucking idiots here always accuses celebrities using steroids as soon as they get jacked and ripped it's called having a great trainer a disciplined lifestyle and your own goddamn gym equipments …

  21. I could never do that I hate meat and chicken I mean like I have to eat it but it does not taste good at all so eating all that protein just sounds like a big no thank you

  22. Santiago Rodriguez Guillen

    it is funny how people think that actors do not work to get the muscles they need for the role, that everybody can look like them just with drugs….too much jealousy in this world lol

  23. he is not even big

  24. 500 calories a day! For 4 weeks

    Not fun!

  25. You can see when is on the roids…

  26. Especially arms! Awesome

  27. I know his wife was happy. Damn.

  28. alguem viu meu folego por ai e que eu perdi vendo esse homem

  29. Some of these comments on here from clearly jealous guys: GET YOUR ASS TO THE GYM & TRAIN HARD!!!…

  30. He have to Train more breast muscles

  31. Did i hear prison break soundtrack

  32. why do people care even if it's steroids it still takes hard work and diet commitment to get like this you couch potatoes could never achieve this so you just hate.

  33. bitter bitches everywhere

  34. Can someone tell me , please , what is the name of the first song ?

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