Can Thor’s Hammer Stop the Juggernaut? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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2016-07-14 17:00:30

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  1. Okay. (and this may come across as a dumb question) So, what would be worse? An unstoppable force colliding with an immovable object? or an unstoppable force colliding with another unstoppable force traveling in the opposite direction?

  2. Are Thors hammer and the juggernaut really unlimited heavy? or just like really really really really really really heavy, but the one probably a little bit heavier than the other?

  3. The Hammer it's self isn't that heavy, it was created and enchanted to be wield by Thor, or who ever or worthy of the power of Thor. Hulk has actually moved the hammer by gripping it while Thor held it, once Thor released his grip, the hammer simply dropped to the ground as dead weight. The hammer is bonded to Thor, Thor can throw it and the hammer can be deflected by enemies, which has been done multiple times. The hammer has as much power behind it as Thor can dish out, thus can be useless against some one as strong as Hulk. In the avengers movie, Hulk literally catches the hammer mid flight, it instantly drops weight, or basically becomes unmovable. If Hulk would of just backed handed it, rhe hammer would of just be deflected, such as in Thor 2, where Thor tosses it at the one wierd buff dark elf thing, the hammer hits him in tha back shoulder blade, and is defected away.


  5. But isn't it acknowledged in the comics that both Juggernaut and the Hammer are not totally immovable, since if they kept a fixed absolute position, they would carve a trench into the Earth as it spun, but instead keep a fixed relative position and thus are "moved" by Earth's orbit. I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this.

  6. Farouk Kamali Sarvestani

    im supposed to be working on an assignment…but nope. because science 😁

  7. Farouk Kamali Sarvestani

    educational, entertaining and funny. winning

  8. If I had the power to summon generic markers; well, let's just say it would be my mark in history.
    You know that was a good joke, write it down so you don't forget.
    And given the fact that this is the internet, you won't be able to erase my comment.

    That last one was a stretch, i'll stop now.

  9. I once saw Juggernaut charge into the Blob . . .
    Blob: "Unstoppable, meet the immovable!"
    Both: "OOF!"
    Juggernaut stopped and Blob moved.

  10. Odd-Olhos Pendulum Dragão


  11. how does mystique shape shift with different clothes

  12. like the juggernaut scream lol

  13. this reminds me of boxing match and they actually used the words what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object now you have your answer boxing commenters

  14. neat thing the hulk has once picked up thor's hammer and threw it at him.


  16. you lukes like Thor

  17. the science was not accurate on this one

  18. Thor's hammer can't change it's weight, we've seen it sit on people without crushing them, they don't even look like it weighs much. the explanation I'm going with is that it's a fixed quantum point that can "voluntary" move through the universe, essentially an AI judges the person trying to move it, if the AI likes them, it moves as if it weighs a negligible amount, if not, it ignores that person's velocity and moves according to other environmental factors like gravity.

  19. 0:21 You Know, you could make a good Thor.

  20. I'm only 15 so don't judge me if I'm wrong but if you have infinite mass wouldn't you also have to have infinite anti matter… and then what would happen to the black hole if they canceled out would it just make a black hole using all the matter that's currently in the universe or would it just uncollapse and expand again making the hole universe reset

  21. man crushing lmao

  22. Gravity doesn't create mass. Even if Thor's hammer had magical graviton interactions, it wouldn't affect its inertia.

  23. in physics class i was taught that if two immovable objects were to collide they would simply have to pass through each other seeings as they are already infinite energy they can not interact with each other. how are they supposed to react like you say when they are both already infinite, there is nothing for them to react into especially if they cannot be influenced by any external force

  24. Damn man, i love your content 🙂

  25. Female Dog

  26. i always thought the answer is an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object

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