The battle between Batman and Thor takes place in Grand Theft Auto IV Music by TeknoAXE Arrival of the Diplomats Electro Edition Cobainian Grime Crystal …
2014-12-06 11:15:13

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  1. I like batman so much than thor but batman is so fucking weak

  2. wait so Thor can beat batman superman can beat Thor and batman can beat superman this is rock paper scissors

  3. Captain Marvel Wilson

    WHY?! Why is it that Batman is not winning these fights. Every weapon Batman uses is usually ambiguous and he has smarts that can help him know how to win fights especially against gods like Superman. Why is Batman treated as such an underdog in these fake as GTA IV fights? This is rediculous and Batman is one of the greatest and most fiercest comic book characters ever.

  4. Thor would one shot Batman


  6. Thor does not fly without the hammer and batman does not appear by day

  7. Batman is one of the worst and weak superhero of all time. Ironman, captain america are the best.I love marvel

  8. Batman win please

  9. I don't like Thor🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫😬

  10. I wish Thor had a gun🔫

  11. dorian u dont know comics

  12. The first punch Thor connected with should have, literally, splattered Batman's body into tiny micro-pieces of blood, flesh and costume.

  13. Break Down prince gaming

    so every marvel hero can beat his dumb ass Lol i love marvel

  14. Break Down prince gaming

    first of all spider man can kick batman's assss LOL

  15. & He is Bruce Wayne

  16. Batman will easily whoop Thor ass he is a Omnipotent

  17. You are stupid

  18. So a God vs a gadget penis….Why is this a thing?

  19. abi bunlar gta 4 modu gerçek deil birde hangisi daha güçlü arkadaşlar thor mu batman mı

  20. kkkkkkkk com um golpe Thor mataria o Batman se fosse real!

  21. No one can beat bats two cleaver

  22. Batman would have lost in less then 5 seconds. This battle is stupid

  23. minecraft controllers

    I hate all of your videos kjra gaming last warning for you or I will seuw you fucking bitch!!

  24. minecraft controllers

    fuck you bitch batman would win

  25. Batman would have died after one punch.

  26. thor ganha batman perde

  27. Sonic Boom Productions

    Thor wins easily

  28. thor deu uma surra no batman. nem adianta chamar o frank miller ou zack snider. thor venceu esta luta.

  29. Hell bat suit would break against thors hammer

  30. Thor would beat sups too

  31. wtf if superman can beat thor and batman can beat superman than batman should of won wtf?

  32. Batman wins end of


  34. Thor beats batman easy

  35. too bad, horrible

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