Avengers: Age of Ultron – Lifting Thor’s Hammer – Movie CLIP HD

Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) – Lifting Thor’s Hammer – Funny Moment – Movie CLIP HD [1080p 60 FPS HD ] One of the funniest scene in the movie. All material …
2017-02-26 09:22:08

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  1. No one surprised or anything

  2. Cap was almost worthy

  3. press 6 repeatingly and you'll see he moved it for a bit

  4. 60fps looks like shit

  5. Divergent Half-Blood358

    Steve: makes hammer budge
    Thor: 'Oh crap!'

  6. so everyone should lift it

  7. kelly wilson whitehead

    Thor: yes if you can lift the hammer you get to rule Asgard [Steve makes the hammer creak] O_O oh dear my dad is going to kill me

  8. Ofcourse the one who comes closest to a god is the blue eyed, white supreme american, and you tought Hitler was racist ? ^^

  9. Steve Rogers is kind of worthy.

  10. Cap can't carry the Hammer because he kept the secret about his Best Friend killing Tony parents

  11. At least an Ikea table is worthy!

  12. 'Are you even pulling?'
    'Are you on my team?'
    'Just represent, pull!'


  13. Steve he said a bad language word

  14. Bruce is so freaking adorable in this scene.

  15. To be honest, this 80 fps full HD annoys me.

  16. Look at 1:20 it seems like when cap trying to lift the hammer it moves a little bit

  17. Sölvi Martinsson Kollmar

    Im from iceland and thats wy my favourit super hero is Thor except for spider man.

  18. Wiiiiiirrrrrtheeee. No, how could you be worthy ? You're all killers.

  19. why the table can hold thor hammer


  21. Good Guy Captain America

    Can lift Mjolnir

    Doesn't, so as not to embarrase Thor

  22. I love thor

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