Avengers Age of Ultron | Deleted scene Thor’s Vision (2015) Chris Hemsworth

Thor enters the Norn cave and reveals a vision on the Infinity stones to Erik Selvig See all the bonus clips now on DVD and Blu-Ray!
2015-09-27 17:42:13

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  1. List of foreshadowing

    How do we stop Ultron? "Sacrifice"= Quicksilver's death during the battle with Ultron.

    "The stone draws you all to it's brilliance and you to your end"= Infinity War, maybe even forshadowing Erik's death.

    "Your enemies are closer, Fear..fathers ambition and brilliance only blinds"= Captain America Civil War, specifically about Tony Stark and how his parents died.

  2. This scene is okay and had every right to be in an already cluster fucked film BUT The Knightmare scene was just too much in DoJ. Biased fanboys logic.

  3. Hnnnnngh, Jesus, I'm so hard rn

  4. Soooo who is talking through Thor in this scene?

  5. smeagol is so buffed


  7. The extraordinary Spiderman


  8. Draco Malfoy-Slytherin House pride

    that sounded a lot like loki.

  9. Reinvigorates my dream: Have a directors cut (The original cut was a little over 3hrs I believe) plus the alternate ending where Quicksilver turns out alive and part of the Avengers and make it canon.

    I know it's impossible but a fan can dream right?

  10. Thor's magic jacuzzi

  11. I suspect that the Soul Stone's in there somewhere.

  12. กมลพันท์ ทะนารัมย์

    my missing my son has a human Spider-Man 2 movie clip – –

  13. this scene is very imoportent

  14. Can someone explain to me where they are at? And, more importantly 'who' or 'what' is talking through Thor?

  15. why did they deleted it? 🙁

  16. None of that made any sense… and I know what the scene is about

  17. He sounds like a Deadite from Evil Dead.

  18. have no idea why mcu remove this important scene?

  19. Евгений Кан

    This is last "stone soul"!!!!

  20. lmao im glad they deleted it. horrible scene. cheesy af

  21. They should've kept this. But of course, Joss Whedon and Marvel had to substitute it for stupid comedy and a dumb farm scene

  22. Holy smokes. Chris Hemsworth is a great actor.

  23. So this explains how thor suddenly knew all the shit about the stones… and they took it out? That pool scene seemed pointless in the movie, I hadn't a clue what was going on but this deleted but helps. Also, can we just appreciate Chris Hemsworth's acting? Wow.

  24. Who possesses him?

  25. Yeah, this is only two minutes and it clears up quite a bit of confusion. If they absolutely HAD to cut this, why the hell did they confuse us with the 2-second out-of-context snippet? Cut it out entirely or keep it all. Are they making a director's cut of this?

  26. Human sacrifice huh? What type of darkness y'all dealing with?

  27. shelly wilson-willoughby


  28. Erik Selvig is working in a secret organization that is partnered with SHIELD.
    Does anyone know what that secret organization.
    I think the secret organization was revealed in "Thor: The Dark World".
    They were trying to find a way to re-open the portal that led to Asgard.

  29. No wonder Whedon hates this fucking POS scene (he said so in interviews), it's so stupid and pointless it's obvious disney forced him to put it in for exposition

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