Age of Ultron – Vision is Created – Vision Lifts Thors Hammer (Scene) HD | 1080p

2016-02-12 22:19:37

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  1. Vision is worthy

  2. So wait If I pick up Thor's hammer I instantly become the avengers friend….well idk about you guys but I have a hammer to go lift.

  3. 2:33 Scarlet is like bitchcchhh stfu… legoglas

  4. who's that asshole? why can he lift thor's hammer? weak. so weak. we non-comic-fans show up to these movies to see characters we like do awesome shit, and we get this PURPLE thing act as the hero? sorry, but that's a bit of a letdown.

  5. i miss quicksilver

  6. When I was in the theater when we were watching this, Vision picked up Thor's hammer and I swear like 90% of the theater was like "oooOOOOOOOOOOoooOOOOOHHHH"

  7. "I'm not ultron… I'm not jarvis… I am…"
    my name is Jeff 😂

  8. Best scene in the whole movie. Lemme get a cape too,

  9. Know why Vision can lift Thors Hammer?
    Its because of the gem on his forhead it belong to loki and someone place it on him and that gem is connected with Thor and that is why he can lift Thors hammer which is kinda funny 😂

  10. 3:02 vision and his lens XD

  11. Thor at 4:03 looks like Roman Reigns 😂

  12. I know what Luffy (from One Piece) would ask Vision if he got to meet him.
    "Can you poop?"

  13. Jarvis to Vision that's evolution.

  14. is everyone in there surprise that vision lifts Thor hammer

  15. Who is Vision exactly than?
    Or maybe what is it? i dont get it?

  16. plot twist: Vision is naked "no cape" hes using the mind stone to make us believe he is wearing a cape.

  17. oh how is quicksilver there?

  18. tony and bruce are vision's parents bye

  19. 3:553:55 in a split second you can see captain america eyes already staring at thor hammer ready to be picked up. 3:563:56 (you need quick eyes) stare at america eye and you see him look at the hammer really quick and went back to vision

  20. i wonder, if you can't life the hammer directly, can you lift it indirectly?

  21. How vision knows that hammer was belongs to thor??

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