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  1. Who else thinks Rich looks like hell boy?

  2. Why would that kid come on and interrupt rich in the middle of a training session while being video'd etc… Get the fruck outta here..

  3. synthol..😑😞😖🤔

  4. que asco de brazos

  5. Lamontagne GOT

  6. not much of an interview.

  7. anyone notice that Rick kind of looks like a demented Eddie Munster??.

  8. the difference between them is that Hafthor has less veins showing and has great forms unlike the small guy..i dunno his name..

  9. Rich Pirhana is my favorite natural fish

  10. Short man doing roids and the big man natural

  11. the fan at the end really puts into perspective how fucking massive he is..

  12. I am sure rich can lift like 100 times as me, and knows his shit, but your arms are disgusting bro…

  13. Gordon jack Wilkinson

    sucks to hear what that forein bitch did to you man

  14. uglyyy ugly and ugly and steroide

  15. Tattoos are for the weak minded faggots, as this video clearly shows

  16. what is synthol (i am from Argentina)

  17. dude is a roid freak fuckin cheater

  18. Participatens activos

    Youar Arm s Sucks!

  19. His face is so ugly when he's hitting the reps

  20. yes synthol??

  21. STEROIDSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Rich is a nice, positive dude. But it makes me sad everytime I look at him. The Mountain is real, raw power and he looks intimidating as fuck. Rich Piana just looks fucking stupid

  23. et vive le synthol

  24. useless muscle

  25. Rich Pianas arms looks so goddamn stupid! LOL

  26. Sound quality sucks

  27. dam that is disgusting bro! natural nope haha

  28. طلعو مثلنا الامريكان نتمرن و على طول نتعشى 😂 كلنا في الهوا سوا 🤣

  29. ill be the master youl be the sensei…. … that's…….that's the same thing

  30. His arms are as big as rich's except he's not using oil ol

  31. Freddy Krueger in the background 21:00

  32. "I will be the master you will be the sensei " .. k

  33. I can't believe Piana is giving The Mountain training advice.

  34. The first machine needs some WD-40 real soon

  35. guys ,,, guys ,, guys , you understand it wrong { size isn`t everything } e

  36. yooooooommmmm- sarah

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