10 Superheroes Who Are Actually STRONGER Than Thor

Thor: Ragnorok is coming and as we getting ready for what seems to be an epic mcu battle between Hulk and Thor, CBR looks at 10 Superheroes Who Are …
2017-04-25 20:00:00

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  1. Morten Henriksen Flaten

    how can everyone forget about doctor manhatten?

  2. CBR how about (10 Superheroes Who Are Actually STRONGER Than SuperMan ) LIKE IF U AGREE.. i think Martian Man Hunter is stronger than superman but i know they wont fight cause they are almost the same but Martian Man has more powers 😉

  3. hulk would win

  4. I'm not trying to be butthurt but most of these heroes on this list cannot beat Thor

  5. The strongest? My man Stan Lee.

  6. if you go by the comic books the thing and and thor have the same strength rating. wonder women cant pick up 75 ton. martian manhunter isn't as strong as thor. stuper man is physically stronger but thor wins because he is a god and the hammer is magic as well

  7. You forgot the moment Hulk lifted Thor's hammer and threw it at him

  8. Bumblebee&Kai Odinson

    1. feats of superman that you listed do not make him "definitely stronger" than Thor , Thor once went inside a black hole and returned , walked easily on a neutron star , fought the frost giants for nine months without a break and wasn't tired at all , lifted asgard , can destroy planets with single hits , shockwave generated while fighting gorr destroyed nearby moon.

    2. if superman can defeat wonder woman , then Thor definitely can as well and he has thousands of years' battle experience too
    Correct me if i'm wrong but i don't think The thing can even destroy a planet.
    Martian the manhunter can win , but not easily as you suggested .
    Thor beats hulk , as he can keep fighting Infinitely as stated by hela , hulk's strength is limitless, so is thor's , but hulk's stamina is not.

  9. Superman can sneeze away entire solar system… Right, just when I thought comic books couldn't get any dumber.

  10. Chuck Norris can take all of them on with a hand while blindfolded

  11. Wtf thing cant beat thor and also thor would thrash superman because of magic just saying if shazam can beat superman then thor can too.

  12. Sentry has torn (insert really strong character) in half, he tore (insert really strong character) in half, he tore (insert really strong character) in half AND he tore Carnage in half. WTF? As if RedVenom is difficult to tear in half.

  13. How Thor beats Superman…put the hammer on his chest…or cape for comedic affect.

  14. Hulk is the best in the world

  15. superman is strongest

  16. ya thing is no chace to thor and hulk and ya hulk is the strongest there is

  17. who actually…shut the fuck up!

  18. you stupid misinformed cock suckers!
    your list is fucking stupid none of those heroes proved stronger than Thor…
    fix this bullshit!
    non are stronger or have ever proved….
    maybe change your title to who are just as strong or equal…idiots

  19. Stop scrolling

    you're beautiful, thump up my channel to watch my videos. You will be Suprise

  20. i am pretty sure Dr.Strange is strongest of them all…..he could easily put Thor to sleep and even control time…..

  21. Only superman can beat Thor

  22. You REALLY need to get your head checked if you think Wonder Woman's stronger than Thor. & the Thing? Yeah right. The thing? That's funny considering how his strength is in the 80 ton range.

  23. Hi my name is Timmy Frazier and I think that the Hulk is the strongest

  24. Stan Lee has said himself that Thor can beat Hulk.

  25. the craziest fight i can think of is saitama from one punchman vs. the hulk

  26. Hulk. No contest

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