yamaha gl1

Is anyone of you know where i could buy this yamaha gl1? I’m thinking of giving like this to my husband. He will be celebrating his natal day next month and as of now i dont know yet what i could give him. He really likes yamaha bran so thinking of buying something that he likes plus his like brand. Happy birthday hubby.

Recorded instrument

I’ve been looking for a recorder instrument for a quiet long time now. As i mentioned in my past post, i love singing and i am wondering how could i know if i hvae good voice. Recording would me to find out. Well we will see how could it be. I just need my recording instrument to start with. :). Good luck to me


Hubby and his sister is now in Frankfurt Germany. Even if i would like to be with them, unfortunately i could not due to my schooling. Well i will just flaskback the time when we were there. Here are some of my flashback pictures in Frankfurt. Have a good day377150_2266184699673_1559604555_n 378447_2266181219586_1611465783_n 393585_2266182059607_1297336926_n


How about a 76 key keyboard case in your keyboard? Well it should be very beautiful and safe to have case to your keyboard. Well i could think say cases in some ways are very pretty especially when it could fit your personality. I love cases and if i have keyboard, i will surely have cases for it and have it for a very long time.


Could anyone of you help me finding the great behringer headphone amp that i have been looking for a quite long time now. I really wanted that headset and seems to difficult to find it. I know there are lots of internet sites of store where i could find it. But what i want is someone who could at least recommend me a store or site to buy this headset. Thanks in advance..:)


Husband been to Portugal for one week vacation. As usual i let him traveled alone not because i don’t want to be with him but i could not take off my school and work.

Well here are some of his taken pictures in Portugal903185_10152023855588464_1872078818_o 1399340_10152030804378464_402020036_o 1410735_10152022126473464_1730482162_o